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About Us

We created this store for the love of tea in general and the desire to give people that "something" missing from the European market. Over the time we had the opportunity to witness the huge benefitss it can bring the consumption of high quality tea but also people destroying their health by drinking tea full of "additives" and artificial flavors.

What kind of teas we sell?

From the very beginning, we decided to sell only high quality teas, 100% natural (some are even organic tea), certified and approved by the European Union. We chose only healthy teas, which are able to restore the body balance.

How do we choose the tea?

Long before you start marketing a new type of tea, it must pass the "trial period" in which we submit to various tests, tasting sessions, comparisons, free samples distribution to other tea lovers (some of our loyal customers and friends) and then analyze the results seriously. Often we prefer less profit in the idea of getting a better tea, better quality, higher satisfaction. When we will start making compromises on quality, our market presence would not be justified anymore and our ideal would disappear.

Future plans

We want to inspire the people to consume teas, to be more healthier, to have a better and longer life. But, according to studies, most people are drinking tea mostly in the cold season, while the quality of the teas is very poor, especially between people with less education. For this reason we would like to extend the number of tea lovers, due to awareness of these beneficial effects of tea, based on scientifically proven medical truths.



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