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Black Tea

Authentic black Ceylon tea, grown in the best gardens in Sri Lanka.
Perfect and pure aroma with delicate floral notes recommend it as one of the best teas in the world.
In conjunction with rose petals and osmanthus flower, emit a mystique with a beautiful floral aroma, keeping unchanged the unmistakable flavor of Ceylon tea.
Assam Black Tea Cyclone Black Tea
Assam Black Tea Assam is an Indian tea that is produced in Assam in northern India. Is a strong tea, known for its lively and strong flavor.
Old price: 9 EUR
  New price: 7 EUR
Cyclone Black Tea Ceylon is undoubtedly one of the most famous teas in the world.
Our tea is authentic, 100% pure Ceylon, without being mixed with inferior teas.
Old price: 8 EUR
  New price: 6 EUR
Osmanthus Black Tea Rose Black Tea
Osmanthus Black Tea Osmanthus flowers are combined with the unique taste of Ceylon black tea, making a special mystical flavor.
Old price: 8 EUR
  New price: 8 EUR
Rose Black Tea Combining rose petals Ceylon black tea, tea has gained a unique perfume of spring.
Old price: 9 EUR
  New price: 7 EUR
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