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Green tea and cancer prevention


Cancer is a complex and devastating disease that kills millions every year. For decades, researchers have tried to find a cure for cancer, but without success. But they were put out various natural remedies that help prevent cancer or slow it.

Statistics on cancer mortality among Japanese population indicate that the mortality rate is very low among both women and men. Following a map of a region in Japan, a research team concluded that the lowest cancer mortality rates in places where it records the green tea is the main crop. The population of these areas drink green tea every day in higher concentrations. Thus it was concluded that there is a close correlation between green tea consumption and cancer prevention.

Killing cancer cells

Mayo Clinic recent studies have shown that components in green tea helps kill cancer cells by interrupting the communication signals they need to live. These results represent an excellent start in the discovery of drugs that destroy cancer cells and at the same timo is not toxic to patients.

There are various debates about how much green tea should be consumed daily in order to obtain these benefits. It seems that this amount is between 4 and 10 cups of tea per day, quantity in some cultures is not at all an excessive amount.

Green Tea and chemotherapy

There are laboratory tests have shown that green tea can increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy, but this positive effect has not yet been demonstrated in humans because the tests were conducted on animals. Green tea is not recommended for patients with prostate cancer undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

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