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Green tea effect on hypertension

One of the keys to preventing high blood pressure is your cup of green tea daily. Green tea keep control hypertension, a condition that has a serious impact on the vascular system and is due to atherosclerosis. Causes hypertension are not fully understood, but even certain that a chemical called angiotensin II plays an important role. In a series of studies have shown that a number of compounds in green tea suppress the production of this compound (angiotensin II), and regular consumption of green tea lowers considerably high.

Many studies in this direction were made ​​in Japan, where both men and women consuming large amounts of green tea daily and the incidence of heart disease is the lowest in the world. But researchers at Cheng Kung University in Taiwan are those who have clearly demonstrated the association between green tea consumption and reduced risk of suffering from hypertension. In this study, researchers found that half a cup (or more) with green or oolong tea for a minimum period of one year, reduce your risk of hypertension by 50%. In calculating this percentage was considered a variety of diets and lifestyles.

This ability of green tea to treat hypertension has intrigued researchers for a long time. A multitude of studies have shown this, but do not know which is the element of green tea reduces blood pressure. There are several options:
- Caffeine, which is known to reduce tension but only short intervals
- Tannin, which is a component of amino acids in green tea and has the role of neurotransmitter in the brain, which has been shown to reduce blood pressure in mice.
- Polyphenols which are antioxidants and help reduce the effects of free radicals
- Other components of green tea, unknown yet

Despite the fact that researchers have failed to confirm the substance responsible for lowering blood was demonstrated something very important: green or oolong tea consumption reduces the long term risk of suffering from hypertension, even when living arrangements and very different diets.

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