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How green tea was discovered

Nobody knows when tea was discovered in China, although, in reverence, this was attributed to the mythical Chinese emperor Shen Nung. Shen Nung reigned seventeen generations before 2700 BC and is the father of Chinese medicine. It is famous for his knowledge about the medicinal properties of herbs and plants and, by tradition, is revered by pharmacists.

There are two versions of how Shen Nung discovered tea. Under the former, Shen Nung taste different kinds of plants when suddenly he felt very bad: his mouth was dry, the tongue was swollen and felt hot. He looked around for a cure and found some leaves had fallen from a nearby tree. Of habit and curiosity, he picked and tasted them. Although bitter, had a wonderful fragrance and then he got better. A harvesting and other leaves of the same tree and took them home to study their properties.

A second version says that, someday, Shen Nung was tired from work, so he made a fire under a tree to heat some water. In bowl with water a few leaves fell from the tree. When he tasted the water, found it was sweet and bitter at the same time and drank it all. Then they felt refreshed and more awake. He realized he had discovered a new plant and useful study and decided it better. They say that when tasted tea, Shen Nung felt as he passes through the heat, as a device to test every part of her body. For this tea was called "Ch'a" in writing Chinese word that means to test, verify or investigate. Later, he was assigned to another ideogram, which is pronounced all "Ch'a" where the bottom is depicted the forest, at the top, flowers and grass and between the two sides, a man. This symbolizes that tea can help mankind to come into balance with nature.

After the discovery of tea to Shen Nung, the Chinese have studied the tea leaves and began to cultivate them. The first record of tea harvesting dates from around 2000 BC, when tea drinking was a habit spread. In ancient medical text "Canon Yellow Emperor about internal medicine" doctor of the Court's talking about the great Emperor Huang Ti tea trees Szechuan cold region.

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