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How to buy

When talking about our teas we hate to use the word "product". For your convenience, we'll use the term "product" in this page only.

How do I buy?
Simply. More efficiently. More convenient. Press the button "Buy" button next to the picture of each product. In this way the product will be added to the "Shopping Cart".

How do I pay?
Press the "Checkout" in shopping cart. Actual payment of money is made when you receive products or when you finish the ordering.

How do I get the products?
Products will be delivered by mail or by courier. You decide how you want your package shipped.

Order processing
You will receive an email notifying you about the order processing. If there are ambiguities in the data provided at the registration, you will be contacted by email or phone by an operator to confirm the delivery address.

Shipping taxes
The customer is charged for the shipping taxes. In case your order is bigger than 100 Euro, we will support the shipping taxes.

Delivery time
Is variable depending on products ordered and delivery method chosen. By mail, delivery time is normally within 5 working days. It depends also on the country your reside.

You will receive an automated email which will notify you about when the package was actually sent.

Products return
Our products are at a very high quality standard. If you are not satisfied with the quality we will refund your money.

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