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Lowering cholesterol with green tea

About cholesterol

Cholesterol is seen as a "villain" that produces a number of diseases in adults, but is a necessary chemical in the body building cell membranes. As I made ​​the distinction in other articles, there are two types of cholesterol: a "good" cholesterol and harmful one. Research has shown that the consumption of green tea, significantly reduce harmful cholesterol levels. He did a study a group of people that has been shown that green tea drinkers had halved the harmful cholesterol levels than those who did not drink tea, although the same type of food they ate.

Study about cholesterol and green tea

In a recent study conducted on 1371 men of Japanese older than 40 years, researchers found that those who consumed ten or more cups of tea per day had a significantly lower cholesterol levels than others. In another study it was calculated that those who consumed nine cups of tea per day had cholesterol levels by 8 mg / dl lower than those who drank just two cups of tea per day.

The reason for the decrease of cholesterol is because green tea contains certain substances called inhibitors of cholesterol. Inhibitor of cholesterol called EGCG creates an insoluble form of cholesterol, which can not be absorbed by the intestines and eventually get to be excreted in feces.

Another very important benefit is that green tea increases "good" cholesterol in the body. This has been highlighted by both tests with human subjects and animals, the results are the same.

Also demonstrated that green tea inhibits blood clots. This is also important, considering thrombosis (ie, abnormal formation of blood clots) is the leading cause of heart attacks.

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