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Oolong Tea - Legend and Preparation

The Legend

The term "Oolong" in Chinese means "black dragon" or "black snake"; various legends describe the origin of the curious name. In one legend, the owner of a tea plantation was scared by its dry leaves by the appearance of a black snake, he turned cautious few days later, the leaves had been oxidized by the sun had a wonderful shape.
Another story tells of a man named Wu Liang (later changed name to Wu Long or Oolong) who discovered oolong tea by accident after a hard day picking tea. So after watching a deer and remembered the tea that already started to oxidize. Others are saying that tea is called "oolong" because the leaves look like little black dragons when you pour boiling water going over them.
When dry, the tea leaves "Oolong" are distinguished by their appearance black thread.

Origin of Oolong tea

Oolong tea is originated in the subtropical mountains of Anxi, in southeastern China. Anxi Mountains have a mild climate, warm and misty rain in abundance and much sunlight. The soil is brown, rich in organic mineral components.


If the case of oolong tea, the oxidation is stopped after about three days after collection and processed as green tea. There are many ways of obtaining the most remarkable of which is to stir the leaves in baskets. Oolong teas are particularly popular with wealthy Chinese, and because they are more fragrant, sweet, less rich in theine than green teas, they are among the favorites Europeans.

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