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Skin care with green tea

I heard so much about green tea, that I could say it's a true elixir, giver of beauty, health and life. As research indicates siintifice, it seemed not at all exaggerated. Drink it especially prevents serious diseases, help us lose weight, rejuvenate us.

green tea

To try to discover yet more about how green tea can help us beat when it comes time for our image. The same antioxidants it is so appreciated, green tea helps keep our skin look young and finesse. Here are some tricks, very handy

· Apply a warm compress to an infusion of green tea mixed with two teaspoons of honey and two tablespoons lemon juice. Fine lines will fade, skin is smoother and more beautiful.

· For dark circles green tea cold compresses, and your eyes will look refreshed and bright again.

· Also to alleviate dark circles, but for a facelift effect, run your face every morning with green tea frozen cube. Prepare infusion, after cooling put a special shaped ice cubes. You can use them for about a week, then it is recommended to prepare more fresh. The effect is stunning, blood circulation is stimulated, skin is smoother and brighter, but will be doing this everyday. However, when it comes to a woman's beauty, no effort is too great, no?

· Green tea is a good remedy for skin affected by acne, due to its antioxidant and anti-bacterial. Drink green tea to reduce inflammation, hormonal activity to adjust that and to eliminate toxins - factors that contribute to acne. Furthermore, medical experiments were proved that on the face, green tea is as effective as benzoyl peroxide solution with. Furthermore, green tea does not produce unpleasant side effects such as dry skin, allergic reactions or itching.

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